Gardens on paper

Wallpaper artists Marcelo Gimenes and Jaap Snijder are specialized in hand-painted wallpaper. Each wallpaper is completely handmade and is inspired by nature. Leaf by leaf they create beautiful detailed gardens on paper. Their creations have no limits; the only requirement is that their work should tell a story.


Dutch Heritage

Build upon the Dutch tradition of custom designed 'panoramic' wallpapers from the 17th and 18th century their approach is unique in the interior world.


Their detailed hand-painted wallpapers are tailor made and custom designed. Created with water based wall-paint and non-woven paper they make sure light, colors, vanishing points and other details are perfectly blend into a beautiful piece of art. A new generation of hand painted wallpapers with vivid colors and an exquisite matte appearance.


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Op 27 & 28 oktober openen musea, werkplaatsen en studio’s hun deuren om bezoekers kennis te laten maken met creatieve ambachten. Lees hier meer over het kijkje achter de schermen.

Behangkunstwerk "Tijdperk van bloei" van Snijder&CO in het MOA tijdens de tentoonstelling Flower Power  van 31 maart tot 16 september 2018. Lees hier meer over onze samenwerking.


De Koninklijke behangsels van Aert Schouman en van Snijder&CO in het Dordrechts Museum. Lees hier meer

Hand painted wallpaper

Customized hand painted wallpaper creates an unique atmosphere and it is a personal statement. That’s why we listen carefully to our customers and like to be challenged to make each wallpaper a stunning experience.


Our vision

Aspects such as color, light, perspective, use of space and the historical context play an important role in creating a perfect decorum.


Curious about the possibilities?

In our showroom and studio you can experience life-size samples of our hand-painted wallpapers and we can inform you about the posibilities of

creating your own custom designed wallpapers.


Make an appointment in our studio and showroom for a free and personal advice.

'Wat kan een mensch meer vergenoegen, dan dat hy, zonder een voet uit zyne kamer te zetten, de geheele waereld doorwandelt'.

Gerard de Lairesse 1640 – 1711

Snijder&CO printed collection

A selection of our hand-painted wallpaper is digitalized and part of the ‘pret-à-porter’ collection. Visit our webshop and you will find our creations in different styles and colors ready to order.


It is possible to customize colors, materials and patterns. More information please contact us.

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